The Park

Park Features

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Lounge area

With bean bags, large tv screen with skate videos playing and board/card games,  mini tech tech area, where you can just chill out and do nothing if you so wish. Everyone is welcome to this area no matter age or into skateboarding or not.

Farm Shop

Drinks and snacks available from the Farm ‘Shop’

Beginner Area

This is actually the whole skatepark, (but don’t tell anyone ;-)) as even the most experienced skater is still a beginner when it comes to learning new tricks, (see what we done there?) and we aim to prove a park where everyone can learn and refine something that they can take to bigger and larger skateparks with a new found confidence they might not get in a busy larger skatepark after many visits.


We will be making the whole skatepark Wheelchair Friendly to accommodate WMX users with Ben at the forefront in helping us come up with obstacles

A rough sketch of ideas in motion