Opening Day!

Introducing the first of our skaters who will be helping out on Opening Day, with more to be added!


Lily at Camp Bestival Tom planted Lily’s skate seed at Camp Bestival 2 years ago, and she’s not looked back since!

Lily was born prematurely at 33 weeks, weighing just 4lb2, however after just a week in NICU, she made it home quicker than anyone thought. However, she soon developed a haemangioma on her eye and liver, which just kept getting bigger.

It’s a type of birthmark and benign tumour, which are usually harmless, however the size of it and the position on her eye meant she spent three years being treated at Great Ormond Street to be able to save her eyesight. Despite battles with her medication on her tiny body, and weekly visits & stays in the hospital, they found a medication which worked and was discharged after three years.

Lily’s love of skateboarding came from Tom at Camp Bestival, and from the moment she started the skate sessions, she was hooked and just kept wanting to do more and more sessions across the whole weekend.

By the end of the first day, she was helping the other kids in the sessions, and supporting Tom with setting up the rest of the weekend – she just did not want to leave.

Lily and Tom Since then, she has done many sessions with Tom at festivals, in skate parks, and skates every single week back at home.

Skateboarding is a happy place for her where she can just be her and it’s beautiful to see the joy in her face when she’s on her skateboard or has mastered something new at her own pace, in her own time.

Being smaller than her peers, she has always struggled with confidence but Tom has taught her more than just skateboarding – he has taught her to believe in herself, no matter what, and at times when she struggles with some thing in life she says she will believe in herself, “just like Tom says”.

Lily and TomIn the future, Lily wants to be a “skateboarding musical vet”. Skateboarding with Tom isn’t just skateboarding – it’s a safe place to learn, progress, make friends, learn to be respectful, have fun and where everyone can be accepted for who they are, no matter what.

You don’t need to be the best – as long as you’re smiling, that’s what matters.

If you see Lily at a festival or skate park, she’d love to say hi and help any little ones who may not be feeling so confident on their first ride. See you there 🙂